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44 hours, 25 minutes, and 3 seconds until Raids!
Sunday, January 15, 2017 : T.C. Guild Charter
---Guild Charter for Timeless Crusaders--- • We are a family guild that likes to raid 3 times a week… currently on Wed, Fri, and Sunday at 6pm CST. We expect all members to raid at least a couple times a month unless other arrangements with leadership has been made when you join. • We expect people to drop mercs and to get guildies into their grps if they are LFG… Helping a guildie lvl helps your toon get better items and needed exp. There is no reason a guildie should have to go to generals to LFG if you have a merc up. *ECEPTION* you are in the middle of progression tasks. • We have a ZERO tolerance for drama queens, assholes, or anyone that likes to stir shit in the guild. Joking and Roasting is fine if you make it known you are joking and the other person is ok with it. • We give respect to other guilds and hope for the same respect in return… no kill stealing or training of other guilds, etc. will be tolerated…..PERIOD!! Give people the same courtesy you expect or hope for in return. If you have an issue with someone from another guild, pls take down the player’s name, zone, time, what happened, and bring the issue to the attention of an Officer in our guild. The officer will then contact that player’s guild officers to resolve the issue…. Do not get into a pissing contest with another character in game…. • We are a DKP system based guild with mains only to receive DKP- (Pls do not create accounts on the dkpsystem website for your alts!) • All items will be bid upon and can be bid upon by any class that can use said item… priority will always be given to mains, if an item is set to rot because no main request it you may then use your MAIN’S DKP to bid on said item for an alt unless we decide to just random the item off then it will cost you nothing. • Even if alts are brought on raids there will be no DKP awarded to alt characters. • If you have an issue with a fellow guildie take it to tells, GUILD CHAT IS NOT A PLACE TO WORK OUT YOUR DRAMA, if at that point if cannot be resolved take it to an officer to mitigate and work out the problem in such a manner as to satisfy both parties if possible. • We want you to be happy in playing the game and will never tell you that you must play a specific toon as your main… however, we may request a specific toon for a specific raid and will award the DKP to your main in the event this happens, we promise to do this as little as possible! • All recruits will have a 30-day probationary period—In order to become a full member you must be at least lvl 100 and have all current spells/tomes/etc…have at least 1 officer that vouches for you as a good person/gamer upon approval after the application period your MAIN character will receive 50 DKP depending on raid attendance. • If you do not intend to raid and you are not part of the original guild’s charter members (Senior Members) the highest rank you can achieve within the guild will be Junior Member. • WE USE MUMBLE… your guild leader and officers pay for this service for you…. Use it as it makes grping and gaming much easier…. IT IS REQUIRED FOR RAIDS… you do not have to talk but you must be able to listen to what the strats are…… We do not type out strats…. • If you have a better Strat or idea don’t hold back we do not pretend to be know it all’s and who knows your idea might just save the day!!! • ANON- is not to be used on a regular basis... if you need to use it we understand but being constantly ANON is not permitted!!! If you do this there will be repercussions for said action... be proud of your guild tag!!! • Play what ever toon makes you happy as your main. The game should be enjoyed and not something that stresses you the hell out! • NO AFK GAME PLAY- there is zero tolerance for unattended game play... we are not going to be known as a guild of cheaters!! If you plan to play this way pls do not app to TC... Using IS-Boxer is legal within EQ and therefore if you use that program you are completely fine!!!! • OVERALL, we hope you enjoy guildies and the guild. If we are not a fit for you and your playstyle then we hope we part on great terms and that you always look back on your time with Timeless Crusaders with found memories and friends…
Saturday, June 3, 2017 : M I A Kinzell Kinzell
Hey this is Kinzell I am not gone forever lol but I got called into Mosul : living La Vida Loca! so i will be further gone for at least 6 months, I am in a null zone communicado wise, so getting on is problematic at best! keep my spot warm Zerkers MOAR DPS, Brez, Sdace and Storm kick Warpower into the pit for me btw War and Pada some stuff got returned somehow from when i sent it out, will have my wife resend it.... Cheers!! Kinzell AKA Tchalla!
Thursday, March 16, 2017 : The Unicorn On Raids Padamay

upload a picture to the internet

So it seems my jester thought that Milkey Buttons would be a better tank if turned into a unicorn in POF... HAHAHAHA! While Daybreak of course screwed us over with the "Server's coming down in 20 mins" message at least I got the unicorn screenshot!!!
Monday, March 13, 2017 : RAID TIMES CHANGED! Padamay
Well we have done well.... In the last cpl weeks we have beaten Hate and Draco in Fear!!! We have had our first run at Vim and Vigor and expect to kick their asses this week.

NEW RAID TIMES--- Due to summer coming and life getting busy for everyone we do not want to impede on the summer time fun... All raids will be at 6pm cst... if there are any issues with that let us know... (we will always try to be done with raids around 930 to 10 pm cst.

The guild is coming along well and we have all been working hard as a team to make that happen, Could not be more proud of you guys and all the effort you have put into this!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TRUST AND DEDICATION!!!

HUGS.. Pada
Saturday, February 18, 2017 : Update on Progress Padamay
Last night we took out Maestro again.... way to go TC!! We then began working on the strat for beating the LC1 raid.

On Wed night TC and WFM joined forces and after missing the reward on Sunday by one min we went back and managed to spawn all the ancients within the one hour time frame.

The guild is coming along nicely and all the hard work is starting to yield rewards...

The week ahead... we will turn our sights towards beating the LC1 raid and work on getting the Vim and Vigor event down. It is our goal to work through TBM and at the same time get the LC1 raid into a farm status... the future holds good things and I could not be more proud of the guild and the work everyone is doing. We have beat back negative views and are working hard to build a guild everyone can be proud to call their own....

Look out EQ here we come!!!!!

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